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1. The stars in the sky shine at all times & so should you. Dress the part.
2. Speak, think, act, appear and ‘be’ the star you want people to see.
3. Remember that without the fans there would be no stars.
4. Keep your personal business to yourself.
5. Keep your career business between you & those helping your career.
6. Honor your word whether spoken, written, or implied… at all times.
7. Include the people that represent you in any career discussion.
8. Treat all people equal. Their status or yours could change at any moment.
9. Thank God every day for the talent that He loaned you & use it accordingly.
10. Read, remember, & live by the first 9 rules and enjoy a successful career

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Smith Sisters Bluegrass single is available 
"Somethin' Good Around The Bend' 
Single was released on March 7th
Available Everywhere & On The Air 
"SSB" Available For Radio Interviews​
This song is performed A Capella and is considered to be
a "PSA" in song, to help depressed people
​Song time is 1:37
According to the World Health Organization,
More than 300 million  people in the world are depressed.
Smith Sisters, Kelli Lewis & Wendi Kilman 
Debbie Frazier-Smith
KAZi 88.7FM
"The Voice & Soul of Austin"h
Thank you, Radio...

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Scheduled for release in 2019

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"If you let what other people think, affect your attitude, 
it will also affect your ability." ~ Kicking Eagle

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 Any changes will be published as soon as possible as we become aware."​

We will make space available for a few developing  artists 

Cindy, Public Relations, 
"OUC" Album is scheduled for release soon 
 Released March 7th
Stand by for Country 'n' Blues
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performs:  "MY BABE
Birdlegg Pittman 
 performs:  "My Babe
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TG Sheppard
" I Wanna Live Like Elvis"
Available Everywhere & On The Air
Released January 8, 2019
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